Late kids and the laws of nature

2 years ago, the famous actor Robert De Niro became a father once again. The girl was born with the help of a surrogate mother, but 69-year-old De Niro and his wife, 58-year-old flight attendant Grace Hightower claim to be her genetic parents. Besides Helen, the couple has a 15-year-old son Elliot. Totally the actor is the father of six children, two of whom (twins Julian and Aaron) also came into the world through a surrogacy program.

De Niro is a very talented actor and certainly a wonderful father, and I’m happy for him and his wife. Still, it's tempting to say: cool story, so hard to believe. By this I mean that the spouses are the genetic parents of 2-year-old Helen. And if I still can believe in the paternity of De Niro, the genetic relatedness of the child and of Grace Hightower causes me serious doubts. It’s so arranged by nature that men retain the ability to reproduction till the old age, but women lose this  ability with age. It’s a scientifically proven fact, and it’s not subject to discussion.

The "slow motion" will help to improve the efficiency of IVF

Reproductive BioMedicine Online reports that a group of doctors from Manchester has developed a new method of improving the efficiency of in vitro fertilization. The scientists from the biomedical company CARE Fertility said that the invented technology of the «slow motion» of the development of the embryos can significantly improve the chances of successful conception through IVF.

The essence of the technology is to make thousands of images of embryos in an incubator at regular intervals to monitor their viability, which will allow to understand which of them have a higher chance of further development in the womb.

The scientists were producing images of the embryos in the incubator every 10-20 minutes, so that the doctors were able to detect fetuses with a higher or lower probability of chromosomal abnormalities.

Testosterone makes men infertile?

Recently among Hollywood stars it became popular to use preparations containing testosterone. A famous British singer Robbie Williams one of the first admitted his "addiction" to testosterone. Allegedly, the hormone injections help him to cope with a reduction in the overall tone, irritability and even increase virility. Even quite ordinary people follow the example of their idols, the more that food supplements containing testosterone are sold in most countries without a prescription, because dietary supplements aren’t considered a drug.

A group of U.S. scientists have discovered a serious and seemingly paradoxical side effect of taking such drugs. It was found that, increasing the potency, they simultaneously have a negative impact on the number of sperm in the ejaculate, thereby reducing the chance of a man to become a father.

IVF baby-boom in Hollywood

In the recent years Hollywood has seen a real "star" baby-boom among those "who are over 40."

An Oscar-winning actress Holly Berry first became a mother at the age of 42. Now a 47-year-old actress is pregnant again. Canadian singer Celine Dion gave birth to twins at 41. In 2010, Kelly Preston gave a heir to her famous husband John Travolta in 48. Mariah Carey born a son and a daughter in one day at the age of 42 years. The star of the TV series "Desperate Housewives" Marcia Cross became pregnant and gave birth to two daughters at 44. Madonna's first daughter was born, when she was already 38. Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Jane Seymour, Geena Davis - all these celebrities became mothers after the age of 40.

In fact, there is nothing surprising in this "phenomenon". The realities of modern life are so that it’s rather difficult to combine motherhood and career. This is especially true for the celebrities  - rivalry is crazy – you are off the screens even for a year, and you can say good bye to fabulous fees and crowds of fans.

Age limit to free IVF in Israel

The Ministry of Health of Israel seriously thinks about the introduction of the age limits to a free IVF. The Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" referring to the country's Ministry of Health reports that the authority intends to stop funding expensive in vitro fertilization procedures for the patients older than 44 years, since the chance of pregnancy in this age group is very small.

According to the new regulations, women older than 35 years will be entitled to six free IVF attempts per year. In the period from 41 years to 44 years, women will have four such attempts. If after seven procedures the pregnancy still doesn’t occur, a special medical commission will decide whether it makes sense to continue the treatment or not.