Types of surrogacy. Gestational and traditional surrogacies

Throughout the existence of mankind the main purpose of marriage was to give the world a new life – to have a baby. However, not every family can have their own children due to various reasons, which may be infertility, tight schedule, personal preferences, and many other. Now any of those do not seem to be an insoluble problem, and can be solved via assisted reproductive technologies, such as extracorporeal fertilization, surrogacy, egg/oocyte donation, etc.

The notions “gestational carrier” and “surrogate mother” are applied for a female of a childbearing age who gives a birth to a baby for potential parents. But still those types of surrogacy bare the difference, which might be quite significant, since in certain countries one of them is strictly prohibited.

International surrogate motherhood

Advantages of international agencies and their importance in the modern world

Nowadays, international surrogate agencies are gaining popularity, which have been checked by time and proved that the services provided by them are of really high quality.

Difficulties encountered in the search for a surrogate mother

The search for a surrogate mother is a very long and painstaking process, during which you can face a number of difficulties and problems; a surrogate agency tries to minimize them. The experience and knowledge of professionals working in the agency will help to choose the right candidate, taking into account the peculiarities of your health.

Ethics and standards of surrogate motherhood

The problem of infertility is becoming more urgent, and the method of solving it - surrogate motherhood - is gaining its adherents and opponents every day.

Opponents of this policy believe that surrogate motherhood is a great way to sell your own child for money. Some also believe that because of this, the respect of women may decrease, that this is a great psychological trauma for mothers who will have to give their own child after childbirth, and that surrogate motherhood undermines the sanctity of marriage and children.

Supporters, on the contrary, believe that this is not exploitation of women, but a great way to help children of their children. And it is always a question of material compensation and moral satisfaction from the assistance rendered.

Selecting a right match for surrogacy

Decision to become a couple who turns to surrogacy is a very important step in a family life. It includes many anxiety and excitement, and even more questions and demands. When the couple of future parents comes to a surrogate agency the first and the most important task is to comfort them and to provide a complete confidence in the positive result in the end. In order to fulfill this aspect the agency experts do their best to find surrogate match.

So what is a surrogate match? Usually parents have the basic idea of the demands to the surrogate mother and the egg donor. If there might occur any problem, the team of qualified consultants will help to make it all clear due to their experience. The basic criteria are usually the race, the color of eyes and hair, but sometimes future parents wish to find a surrogate match with inclinations to art, music or great sport achievements. But everyone should always remember that the main target is a healthy child in a happy family. That’s why every part is thoroughly supervised and medically examined. Surrogate mothers are provided the best conditions for successful pregnancy and the egg donors are cared for the highest fertility. All of them definitely lead a healthy lifestyle and have no bad habits.

What is the surrogate screening process and what to expect from it?

Becoming a surrogate mother is an uneasy, but very brave and humanistic decision. But what to expect from it? What benefits will it bring to you as a surrogate mother and can it bring any harm to your physical and mental health?

Aim: helping other people

Becoming a surrogate mother a very responsible step. Those women who are capable of taking it health-wise, feel happier, for through this small action they can bring more peace and happiness to the other family. It’s one of the best presents a healthy woman can make in her life, but how does this procedure go?