IVF with your own donor?

Since January the 1st, 2013 a new law, concerning the donation of sperm, comes into effect in the U.S. state of California. From now on, a woman, who requires the services of a sperm donor, won’t have to resort to special cryobanks – she will just have to come to a selected clinic with a man who agrees to help her to become a mother.

Earlier, sperm donation in California, as in all other states, was anonymous. It is believed that the new law will greatly simplify and speed up the process of conception of the awaited child.

A new boogeyman story about IVF children

I just admire the fecundity of contemporary scientists! A new study every month.

Indeed, why spend a lot of time and money on a full-scale investigation, if you can fabricate something completely unrepresentative, but very sensational.

UK scientists from Oxford University conducted another "significant" study and found that children, born through IVF, ostensibly, are at increased risk of developing of asthma. The study of more than 13 thousand children have shown that the corresponding risk for IVF children was 10% higher compared with children, conceived naturally.

The risks of IVF

Today I would like to raise a very important theme – possible health risks, caused by IVF. I will give answers to the most frequently asked questions.

How dangerous are the drugs used in IVF (for ovarian stimulation, for example)? That is, if a not quite healthy person can have a baby without heavy consequences?

In my opinion, in its current form the question is somewhat vague. What does it mean - not quite healthy? An amputee too, can hardly be called an absolutely healthy person, but there are no contraindications for the conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

A child from 25-year-old sperm

A new record in preservation of freezing sperm was set in the U.S.A. There a baby was born, conceived with the sperm, which had been held in a coldstore for 25 years! Despite the fact that the girl was born prematurely, now she is completely healthy. She became the second child in the family of Vivien Pott.

The happy father had deposited his biological material in a sperm bank a quarter of a century ago, as he had been about to undergo treatment from testicular cancer with chemotherapy, which could adversely affect his reproductive functions.

Does IVF do any harm to women?

Swedish researchers conducted a study showing that implantation of two embryos in the uterus significantly increases the risk of developing of serious complications both for a baby, and for a woman. The authors analyzed the data on the outcome of pregnancy of 991 women who were implanted with two embryos, and 921 patients who gave birth to two children consistently with IVF, leading to a singleton pregnancy. The results of the research showed that 47% of twins were born prematurely and 39% of them had a low weight. For the children, born after singleton pregnancies, the figures were 7% and 5% respectively. In addition, women, who had multiple pregnancies, were 4 times more likely to have to carry out the caesarean section.