Over the past 15 years, male fertility has declined by a third.

This conclusion has been made by Joël Le Moal (Joëlle Le Moal,), environmental health epidemiologist from the  Institut de Veille Sanitaire in Saint-Maurice, and his colleagues, who conducted a comparative analysis of sperm of more than 26,000 French men. The study shows a steady decline in quantity of sperm and its quality from 1989 to 2005, reflecting the global nature of the phenomenon. The results were published in the journal Human Reproduction on December the 4thThe scientists noticed a significant and prolonged decline of semen concentration of 32.2% at a constant rate of 1.9% per year over 17 years, until 2005.  

The concentration of sperm (or the number of sperm cells in the semen) of 35 year-old men decreased from an average of 73.6 million sperm cells per ml in 1989 to 49.9 million sperm cells per ml in 2005.  Besides, a significant drop in the number (33.4%) of normally formed sperm was noticed in the same period.

Surrogacy in Norway

This year 27 children, born from Indian surrogate mothers, became citizens of Norway. The Norwegian government has announced its intention to legalize surrogacy in the country, and to simplify the procedure of registration of citizenship for the children born in this way outside the country. Now this process includes a DNA test for a father and a child to establish paternity and takes from two to three weeks. Surrogacy in Norway is currently prohibited by law. By the way, as for the attitude of Norwegian society to surrogate motherhood: a very touching story caught my eye lately.

Recently Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit had to urgently go to India because her friends, a homosexual couple, whose children were born by a surrogate mother, were not able to leave the territory of Norway because of the problems with visas. And the princess went to India to nurse the children until their fathers solve the problems with entry and exit.

Folk remedies and IVF: to take or not to take

There are different folk remedies: there are those, which affect our body even more than potent drugs. So, generally speaking, if you ask me, if the reception of "herbs" can affect the course of the IVF, the answer is the same – it can. Unfortunately, rather in the negative, than in the positive.

Herbal teas that are sold without a prescription, may be considered relatively safe, but they must be taken with caution. For example, it is impossible to predict, how a diuretic will effect the body of a woman, suffering ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in a low degree. The effect depends on the state of health of each patient.

IVF after uterus transplantation

Scientists report that a woman, to whom the world's first transplantation of the uterus has been made, will soon be able to become a mother through IVF.

Meanwhile, some experts have serious concerns for life and health of this woman, saying that the pregnancy can lead to fatal complications. Moreover, the only possible mode of delivery in this case is a caesarean section, which also imposes certain risks. The attitude of many professionals towards the womb transplantation is very skeptical because of the high risk of vessel thrombosis of the foreign tissue, placed in the pelvic cavity, all the more that this organ is not of vital concernment, and its absence doesn’t threaten women’s life and health.

A new scam from the banks of sperm

British web-site «Fame Daddy» offers its services on artificial insemination. A fabulously high price (24 thousand dollars) is due to the fact, that, allegedly, the donors of this sperm bank are one and all celebrities: show-business stars, athletes and "Oscar-winning" actors.

Experts in the field of genetics are agree that such proposals are no more than a scam, as it is almost impossible to predict the birth of a genius. Cases, when talented people have equally talented kids are extremely rare. By the way, attempts to create geniuses artificially have already been made. Geneticist Robert Grekhem created a sperm bank of Nobel laureates.