About IVF children again

About IVF children again Well, just have no strength any more! This time the theme of "defectiveness" of IVF children was raised by American scientists from theUniversityofCaliforniaat the national conference of theAmericanAcademyof Pediatrics, held recently inNew Orleans. Let’s begin with the facts as they are seen by the scientists.

I’m quoting here an extract from a publication: «The conclusions, made by the authors, are based on the data of 50820 children, born in California – the state of the USA… 46025 of them were conceived naturally and 4795 - with the help of IVF ... 3463 children were born with a variety of birth defects… among the conceived through IVF different defects occur much more frequently than among conceived in the usual way - 9 percent compared to 6.6 percent… In particular, this concerns visual organs - 0.3 percent compared to 0.2 percent, heart - 5 percent to 3 percent, and genitourinary system - 1.5 percent to 1 percent. In total, the probability of congenital malformations for the "test-tube babies" was 1.25 times higher».

Let’s pick up a calculator and count . After simple calculation we see, that 431 children with «defects» were born with the help of IVF and  3038 were conceived naturally. Now let’s turn these figures into diseases and divide them into groups.  We will get the following results: 1 IVF child with visual organs problem (against 6 conceived naturally), 22 children with heart problems (against 91), 6 persons with genitourinary system defects (against 30). Sorry, but in my opinion, some figures are not serious to make any far-reaching conclusions.

However these are particularities. In fact, I have a much more serious and global comment to all the materials and researches concerning the "defective" children conceived through in vitro fertilization. Let's not put the cart before the horse, and bring call to memory about who and in which circumstances is forced to give birth with the help of IVF. So - now more than 20% of IVF pregnancies are multiples, with all their "charms", dangers and fetal abnormalities characteristic for this type of pregnancy. Of course, doctors around the world try to reduce the number of multiple births owing to IVF, in some countries the transfer of more than one embryo is prohibited (certainly, under some circumstances – patient not older than, the number of IVF attempts - not more than). But, nevertheless, the number of polycyesis after IVF in percentage ratio is much higher than in the case of  normal way of conception. And then, the greater part of  women, using assisted reproductive technologies to conceive, belongs to the category of "people over 35", or even over 40. The reasons are simple and clear: either they have been treating infertility by conventional methods for many years or hoping to conceive in natural way, and resorted to IVF when they were already pressed for time. Or they were busy with themselves, their career etc.- and when they suddenly realized that it was time to create a family, were not able to conceive in a natural way any more. In any case, we are talking about late pregnancies with their increased risks to the fetus. I assure you - if we ignore multiple pregnancies and pregnancies after 35 years, the statistics on babies with developmental disabilities, born through IVF will be  exactly the same as for the children, conceived in an old-fashioned way. However, no one suggests to reduce all multiple pregnancies. Or, let us say, to make involuntary sterilization to all the women older than 35. Everyone understands that it's pointless, stupid, violent and finally illegal. Somehow, everyone understands the inevitability and, if you like, the normality of a slightly increased risk of  the pregnancies of this kind, takes them easy – and, in most cases, gives birth to healthy children. So there is no risk that entails the technology of in vitro fertilization. There was not, and there never will be. But there are would-be researchers, who are ready to make a name and career, speculating on prejudices and fears of people. And there are people who believe in these bogeyman stories and thus miss out themselves on, perhaps, the last chance to have children.