Legalization of gay marriages in France

Legalization of gay marriages in FranceThe future president of France Francois Hollande had promised to legalize gay marriages in his pre-election program . The man said – the man did: on October 31st , the government passed a law in which the marriage would be considered as a union of two people of any gender. By the way, these couples would also receive a right to adopt children.

Hypocrisy. I just can’t find other words for this. On the one hand, this law actually recognizes the right of any person to have a complete family: you have a legitimate partner – you have a baby. Like, everyone has the right to happiness. On the other hand, thousands of couples in France are divested of this happiness to have a normal family - they are not allowed to use the procedure of surrogate motherhood, the only chance to have their own child. Babies, born by surrogate mothers, are not to be recognized as citizens of the country. Even more - French authorities terrorize (I can’t call it in other words, ) the couples, who resort to the procedure of surrogate motherhood in the countries, where it is allowed. Here you are an example – a French couple has been trying to get citizenship for their children, born by a surrogate mother from the USA for ten years. And, by the way, they didn’t manage to. Similar incidents took place in Ukraine. It can not be called otherwise than lawlessness. I will explain why.

First, in which way had the French government ever found out, that the child had been born with the help of surrogacy program? The child, born by a surrogate mother receives exactly the same set of documents (or more precisely, the main document - birth certificate) that a child born in a usual way (at least, in Russia and Ukraine). His genetic mother and father are indicated as parents and not a surrogate mother. Thus, from the point of view of the documents it looks as if a pregnant mother and a genetic father came to the country as tourists, and they urgently itched to labour. The guys in the embassy do not believe ? Well, that’s their own problem. In fact, in the law of any civilized country of the world there is such a good thing, as a presumption of innocence. The parents don’ t have to prove anything to the authorities. On the contrary, the French authorities have to prove that the genetic parents were involved in a terrible crime - the participation in the surrogacy program.

Secondly - in fact, what crime are we talking about? French law, prohibiting surrogacy, extends to the territory of France. The child was born abroad, therefore, French law was not violated. The local law wasn’t defied either – on the territory of the "crime scene" surrogacy is permitted. So excuse me, who is breaking the law in this case? In my opinion, just the French Embassy, that  categorically concluded, that the child had been born as a result of a surrogacy program (in fact, it was so, but legally the embassy didn’t prove it yet), then started to play outside the law field, refusing to issue a passport to the baby.

Is it not hypocrisy? It turns out that non-traditional couples have the right to create a full family, and a traditional family, suffering from a terrible disaster - infertility – doesn’t. In Germany  the situation is even more absurd: prostitution there is legal, but genetic parents, doctors and a surrogate mother can go to jail. That is to say, that German lawmakers believe selling one’s body for money 5 times a day and encroaching on the value of the institution of marriage more moral than helping in overcoming an awful ailment and finding family happiness. Try to pick a word better than hypocrisy. I do not succeed .