Doctors – Catholics and IVF: to pay or not to pay ?

The Poles conducted an interesting study - a survey of 500 doctors on the subject of whether the government should financially support patients who undergo IVF or not.

First, the overall results - 65% of doctors are for the idea, and 35% are, respectively, against.  And now the most interesting.

From 65% of respondents 32% believe that the state must FULLY pay for IVF. 2 years ago the figure was only 22%. An overwhelming number of respondents from this group are young doctors with less than 6 years of practice.

The conclusion is that despite the strong influence of Catholicism (Poland in this respect is one of the most, if I may say so, orthodox countries), a growing number of professionals understands that religion, science, and demographics are not to be mixed. And the growth of IVF supporters occurs due to young doctors - the number of IVF opponents in the previous study was the same.

In principle, the situation is very similar to one in Russia. It’s quite clear, that a doctor, who has been treating his patients by traditional methods for 40 years, has no desire to learn something new late in life. The principle of "do no harm" is observed, but real help is already another matter. Even more so there is a convenient excuse for this - religion. And the fact that it often means ruined fates of patients shouldn’t bother him at all - he's not a family therapist...