Free IVF in Poland

The Polish Government indicated its willingness to fund IVF for the couples, even not officially  married, able to prove that they didn’t manage to conceive naturally after a year of trying on.

So, until July 2013 the Ministry of Health will fund the IVF procedure for 15,000 childless couples.

Traditionally, the main opponent of the law is the Catholic Church, which influence is extremely strong in Poland

Episcopate even threatened with excommunication those politicians who publicly endorse IVF.

The demographic situation in Poland leaves much to be desired. The population is aging and the birth rate is falling. It's not that pairs don’t want to have posteriors. Public opinion polls show that for the Poles children and family are much more important than wealth and career. It means that there are problems with reproductive health, that can be solved with the help of modern technologies.

Fortunately, common sense had prevailed and the Government fully appreciated the importance of IVF. To such an extent that it is ready to pay for it. Everything is very simple - hundreds of millions couples in the world are deprived of the opportunity to have their own child, and IVF helps them to attain this happiness. Perhaps that is why, despite the protests of some religious figures (by the way, IVF is not accepted by the Catholic Church only - all the other religions don’t mind against this method of reproduction) and endless bogeyman stories about the dangers of the procedure and its possible consequences, five million children, born through in vitro fertilization, already live on our planet.