British surrogate mother – heroine puts her feet up

The following spring, the 46-year-old surrogate mother from England Carol Horlock will give birth to a thirteenth child and is going to "retire." It is time to, she isn’t a girl any more, after all. Bearing of children for infertile couples has actually become a profession for this woman, though she denies receiving money for her services.



In general, I can hardly believe in surrogacy for free. Pregnancy and childbirth – is a physiologically complex, and, sometimes, dangerous process. Let's not forget about the financial side – for more than a year a woman is deprived of actual income. If Ms. Horlock isn’t a wife of some local magnate, how has she been living all these years? The law only allows to compensate the surrogate mother the expenses, connected with the realization of the program. And the rest? Who will voluntarily agree to rape her organism, nurturing children for others just by kindness? Simple English washerwoman as Carol will? I find it hard to believe.

In my opinion, in those countries, where surrogacy is legal only on a non-profit basis, large sums simply flow from hand to hand "in the rough." So - the unsettled relationship between the parties is inevitable. Here, for example - some biographical facts of this lady are dazzling. Now she makes herself artificial insemination at lunchtime almost in a basement. Then she supposedly bears a child for happy customers, and after a DNA test, it turns out that it’s a baby of her own. What does all this nonsense have to do with surrogacy? Since this "surrogate mother" has no "official" obligations to the genetic parents – she is in the program on voluntary lines – in fact, there is nothing to "put in" to her in this situation.

Let me remind you: in Russia the specifications of a surrogate mother (including age) are rigidly fixed by the law, the parties must enter into an agreement with each other, in which all the rights and obligations are registered, and the surrogate mother has no genetic relationship to the child. In my opinion, it is somehow more logical and reliable.