Life after death

According to one of the news agencies, since the beginning of the Pillar of Defense Operation in the Gaza Strip, dozens of Israeli reservists contacted the organization "New Family" for the so-called "biological testament." In the case of death of a person it would help to use the biological material (sperm or egg) for artificial insemination. Thus it’s the donor who pays for the storage of his material to be able to "extend himself" after his death. Biological material of fallen soldiers can be used not only by his close relatives, but almost by everyone, and there are a lot of volunteers.

 At the moment, the document, created by the founder of the "New Family"  Irit Rosenblum in 2001, was signed by about 600 people. Some of them have expressed their desire to have their sperm or eggs removed from their body immediately after the death (this is possible within 72 hours after the death). Others have placed their genetic material in a special bank beforehand. Currently already 15 children were born with the sperm of dead fathers.

 Of course, this practice is quite unusual. There are also a fairly serious legal lacunes. Although sperm donation in Russia, as, by the way, in Israel is anonymous, in the case of "willed" semen a woman knows the contact details of the "grantor." And there may be some legal issues. For example, will the child have the right to inherit from his genetic father if he and his mother had never even met?

Secondly, if the dead man was a bachelor, the decision to use his biomaterial is usually taken by his parents, hoping to find solace in raising grandchildren. However, according to the law, this right belongs to the child's mother, and in the case of some conflict, the potential grandparents may never see the long-awaited heir.

 However, despite these collisions, the whole thing is, in my opinion, worthwhile. By the way, we have long been offering to provide free sperm storage for the representatives of dangerous professions on civil service for the period of their official duties. Expenses are dime and the profit for the state, both reputational and demographic is enormous. But things are still right where they started.