A new scam from the banks of sperm

British web-site «Fame Daddy» offers its services on artificial insemination. A fabulously high price (24 thousand dollars) is due to the fact, that, allegedly, the donors of this sperm bank are one and all celebrities: show-business stars, athletes and "Oscar-winning" actors.

Experts in the field of genetics are agree that such proposals are no more than a scam, as it is almost impossible to predict the birth of a genius. Cases, when talented people have equally talented kids are extremely rare. By the way, attempts to create geniuses artificially have already been made. Geneticist Robert Grekhem created a sperm bank of Nobel laureates.

Of the 200 children, born during 19 years of its existence, only one was showing outstanding intellectual abilities, but no great achievements in his whole life had been noted. In 1999, the Bank was finally closed.

Despite the fact that anonymous sperm donation  was abolished in England in 2005, representatives of the «Fame Daddy» say that the names of their donors are not to be disclosed, only approximate age and the area, in which the donor succeeded, are reported. In this particular case, what's the point of the enterprise? If the donation is anonymous, what’s the use of overpaying for the material? And if not, then the question arises, which  celebrity wants to live like on a volcano, knowing that at any moment candidates for his hard-earned money can turn up? Judging by the fact that, in the agency's database there is no a single form - none.

Once again, I strongly recommend to anyone, who is facing the problem of infertility, to turn to tried and true banks of sperm only. For example, such as the IVF- Center  in Moscow.