Folk remedies and IVF: to take or not to take

There are different folk remedies: there are those, which affect our body even more than potent drugs. So, generally speaking, if you ask me, if the reception of "herbs" can affect the course of the IVF, the answer is the same – it can. Unfortunately, rather in the negative, than in the positive.

Herbal teas that are sold without a prescription, may be considered relatively safe, but they must be taken with caution. For example, it is impossible to predict, how a diuretic will effect the body of a woman, suffering ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in a low degree. The effect depends on the state of health of each patient.

I am against self-treatment in general (whether with herbs or drugs). Medicated part of the IVF procedure itself is hard for the woman's body. The interaction of various drugs during join intake - is a very complicated question.

Therefore, prior to the procedure, you must tell your doctor that you are taking any medications (chemical compounds, homeopathic medicines, traditional medicine). And if you got the idea to get some herbal remedies after the start of the IVF, do not be lazy, call your doctor and find out, what does he think about it.

After all, severe diseases are usually not to be cured by folk remedies, and small problems can wait a little. Negative after-effects of self-treatment can be hard - in this case the game is clearly not worth the candle. "