IVF after uterus transplantation

Scientists report that a woman, to whom the world's first transplantation of the uterus has been made, will soon be able to become a mother through IVF.

Meanwhile, some experts have serious concerns for life and health of this woman, saying that the pregnancy can lead to fatal complications. Moreover, the only possible mode of delivery in this case is a caesarean section, which also imposes certain risks. The attitude of many professionals towards the womb transplantation is very skeptical because of the high risk of vessel thrombosis of the foreign tissue, placed in the pelvic cavity, all the more that this organ is not of vital concernment, and its absence doesn’t threaten women’s life and health.

In my opinion, the risk for this woman is quite high. However, I think this is entirely the choice of a woman - if she is aware of the degree of the danger, then, of course, it's her choice to risk her health or not. Actually, she had the transplantation to have a baby in future. And that’s great, that there is such a technology, which gives the chance to give birth to a baby to thousands of women, who were born without uterus or who lost it. Although, of course, there are other, more "safe" ways to solve this problem – for example, surrogacy.