Surrogacy in Norway

This year 27 children, born from Indian surrogate mothers, became citizens of Norway. The Norwegian government has announced its intention to legalize surrogacy in the country, and to simplify the procedure of registration of citizenship for the children born in this way outside the country. Now this process includes a DNA test for a father and a child to establish paternity and takes from two to three weeks. Surrogacy in Norway is currently prohibited by law. By the way, as for the attitude of Norwegian society to surrogate motherhood: a very touching story caught my eye lately.

Recently Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit had to urgently go to India because her friends, a homosexual couple, whose children were born by a surrogate mother, were not able to leave the territory of Norway because of the problems with visas. And the princess went to India to nurse the children until their fathers solve the problems with entry and exit.

I would like to remind you, that there were numerous occasions, when in similar situations French and German authorities (as long as in Norway for the moment) began to chew the rag on the subject that their citizens had no right to resort to surrogacy. And carried them through the courts for over the years. But the Norwegian princess decided otherwise – no matter how you slice it - children should not suffer. I do not want to penetrate into the legal details. One thing I want to say - in human terms, the position of Norwegian princess is much closer to me than the bureaucracy of German and French officials.