British young mothers become older

British Information Centre of Health and Human Services has published the statistics of births in the country over the past 5 years. It was found that the number of women, who decided to give birth after 40, had increased by 15%.

Besides, the number of mature women who got pregnant as a result of IVF has also increased, which is quite understandable. Some has been treating infertility by traditional methods and hoping for a natural birth for a long time, some was preoccupied with their career, or just wanted to live "for themselves." I think it isn’t a secret that with age, the chances to natural conception reduce sharply. But the risks not only for the mother but also for the fetus increase, and it doesn’t depend on the way of conception.

Recently, it became almost fashionable among scientists from various countries to publish endless studies on the possible dangers of artificial insemination for the unborn child. According to them the risk of asthma among children, conceived through IVF, is higher, the eyesight is worse and the heart is weaker. Somehow, the would-be researchers always tactfully keep silence about the age of the mothers, as well as about the fact that today, a little less than 30% of all IVF pregnancies – are polycarpic, with all its complexities and risks for the fetus.

I want to believe, that the authors of such researches will pay their attention to the statistics, finally make certain conclusions and cease to intentionally ignore the obvious facts in pursuit of another sensational discovery.