The most auspicious day for conception

Administrators of one of the largest online - shops of intimate products have published interesting statistics, based on scientific studies. The study of maternity homes records has revealed an interesting pattern: most of children come into the world on September the 16th. Taking into account the fact that the classic length of pregnancy is 40 weeks, they were all conceived on December the 11th.

Besides, the authors claim that in December, people have the highest number of sexual contacts in comparison with other winter months.

This is due to a large number of Christmas events and good mood in anticipation of the holidays.

This statistics, of course, isn't very scientific, because the length of obstetric pregnancy may differ from the real one. However, the truth in this study is still there. According to scientists, winter is the most fertile season. This is explained by the fact that the cold has beneficial effects on semen quality - or rather, on the contrary: the high temperature "outside" influences it negatively. And this is a scientifically proven fact.

The representatives of the online - shop themselves expect that December will bring them extraordinary profits. Well, guys, good luck!