Age limit for IVF

Serbian media reported that a 60-year-old resident of the country became pregnant through IVF. The newspaper claims that under Serbian laws, the woman couldn’t undergo a procedure of in vitro fertilization in the country, so the procedure was carried out in Czech Republic. The age limit for IVF for women over 49 years was introduced by the Czechs this year in April, but our heroine managed to use the services of Czech fertility specialists just before the ban entry.

I have already expressed my opinion on the introduction of the age limit for IVF - I strongly welcome these legislative initiatives.

It would seem that no one has the right to deprive a woman to become a mother, but everything is good in its season. And the thing is not even in a medical, but rather in a social aspect. Let’s take the same Serbia, which, frankly speaking, doesn’t occupy the first place in the ranking of countries with the highest standard of living of citizens. I doubt that a simple Serbian pensioner has enough force to grow and provide the child with all the necessary things. And don’t forget about the risk of leaving him an orphan at an early age.

However, there is no necessity to cross the line, as did representatives of the British Ministry of Healthcare. A 37-year-old English woman sued upon the head of this organization Jeremy Hunt, saying that she was not allowed to undergo an IVF-procedure because of her age. I don’t know what did the British government officials wanted in this case – whether to save money for the state, or to express their position concerning the upper ceiling of the age limit, but the way they have chosen is clearly wrong, and even violates the laws of the country, because, officially, the Ministry of Health is obliged to pay three IVF attempts for women aged from 23 to 39 years.

Of course, some reasonable limits of age for women, willing to undergo the IVF procedure are necessary. Not to discriminate against women on the basis of age, but only for the good of the child. And, actually, this good should be at the forefront in deciding whether a woman can give birth normally, and, what is more important, to bring up the baby.