Australian old women began to give birth more actively

According to the Australian Institute of Health, the age of the oldest woman in Australia, who gave birth to a child, is 60 years. She was one of about five dozen women, who labored in 2010 after the menopause had begun. Most of the pregnancies are due to in vitro fertilization procedure. It is reported that over the past decade the number of women, giving birth after the age of 45, has doubled. I must say that in this respect, Australia is not unique.

For example, in the UK the number of births among those who are "over 40", has increased by 15% over the past five years. Just yesterday I commented on the news that the 60-year old woman from Serbia became mother with the help of IVF.

First, you must clearly understand - all the IVF attempts, made after the beginning of menopause, are made using donor eggs - that's how the female body is organized. I.e. the child is genetically irrelevant to this woman. Secondly, I have often spoken on this subject, but I will repeat - I am for a reasonable upper limit of the age at which one can perform IVF. What exactly has to be this very border – is debatable, but the need in this introduction is sure. What will happen to the child if his elderly parents decease? Will he be able to become a full member of society? At long last, the main task of parents is not to just give life, but also to raise a child that is not so easy in advanced age.