Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue - a new way of dealing with infertility?

Australian scientists have successfully applied the frozen ovarian tissue in the treatment of infertility. The first patient is already pregnant. About 6 years ago a 38-year resident of Melbourne was diagnosed with breast cancer. Prior to the cancer treatment she had been removed a sample of ovarian tissue, which was subsequently frozen. Once the patient had successfully completed a course of cancer treatment, the tissue was transplanted back, and it turned out that her ovaries were still able to function – the natural ovulation occurred. Scientists believe that this method will help to preserve fertility for those women, who are to face the treatment that could adversely affect their ability to become mothers in the future.

I'm all for any method of dealing with infertility, from hoodoo women and herbal teas to surrogacy, in case they do a world of good. But still I wouldn’t recommend hoping for this method in the nearest future. While this is an isolated case, I’m afraid the introduction of this technology in the broad practice will take enough time. So, if for some reason you think about maintaining your reproductive function right now, I would still advise to use a well-proven technology of cryopreservation of eggs or embryos. But even in this case, please, remember, that even despite the fact that these techniques are quite long and successfully used in the treatment of infertility, they are technically difficult procedures and their success depends on the skills of doctors and the quality of materials.