Does IVF do any harm to women?

Swedish researchers conducted a study showing that implantation of two embryos in the uterus significantly increases the risk of developing of serious complications both for a baby, and for a woman. The authors analyzed the data on the outcome of pregnancy of 991 women who were implanted with two embryos, and 921 patients who gave birth to two children consistently with IVF, leading to a singleton pregnancy. The results of the research showed that 47% of twins were born prematurely and 39% of them had a low weight. For the children, born after singleton pregnancies, the figures were 7% and 5% respectively. In addition, women, who had multiple pregnancies, were 4 times more likely to have to carry out the caesarean section.

I have already commented on  different "scientific" studies of the impact of IVF on the health of babies, born using this method. Seeing another scary headline "Multiple pregnancies after IVF are more dangerous than two ordinary pregnancies," I was ready to break to pieces the arguments of researchers once again, but when I read the article till the end, I realized that the only thing Swedish scientists are to be blame for is that their study is not representative enough. Otherwise, I have no questions to its results. I think it isn’t a secret that, in principle, multiple pregnancies are fraught with risks both for children and for mothers. This time, my claims concern only the author of the article, who either misinterpreted the findings of Swedish experts, or just decided to come up with a pompous headline.

So, dear author, if you did it out of ignorance, I’m ready to clue you in. If we compare the figures of women who have become pregnant naturally, I assure you, they will be absolutely the same. Possible minor discrepancies are related exclusively to the age of the patients, the average age of women, who get pregnant with IVF is much higher than the average age of the ladies, who conceive in  "natural" way. The reasons are also clear – they either have long tried to conceive a child in the usual way before resorting to IVF or delayed the birth of a child, and when they finally woke up, it turned out that they were not able to conceive naturally. Multiple pregnancies and age of the patient - these are two factors that can really have an impact on pregnancy and the health of a child, regardless the method of conception. So, please, leave the IVF all alone, because it makes no difference, where the fertilized egg will hold the first 2-3 days of its life. After the transplantation, the embryo develops in the uterus in the usual scenario, and all the complications are to be associated exclusively with the state of health of the mother, but not with the previous in vitro fertilization.