A child from 25-year-old sperm

A new record in preservation of freezing sperm was set in the U.S.A. There a baby was born, conceived with the sperm, which had been held in a coldstore for 25 years! Despite the fact that the girl was born prematurely, now she is completely healthy. She became the second child in the family of Vivien Pott.

The happy father had deposited his biological material in a sperm bank a quarter of a century ago, as he had been about to undergo treatment from testicular cancer with chemotherapy, which could adversely affect his reproductive functions.

Later, when he was successfully cured, the man got married. The first child in the family also appeared with the help of IVF, but then the spouses didn’t have to resort to the sperm bank.

Not long ago I commented on the news that Argentine specialists had managed to successfully use the eggs, frozen 12 years ago, from which perfectly healthy twin girls were born. Both these happy stories prove that the cryopreservation is actively growing, and that this procedure is a real chance for people who, for some reasons, have to postpone the birth of a child.