One more step to the victory over the unexplained infertility

Sometimes it happens that all the indicants are normal, but the couple still can’t conceive. If doctors don’t manage to find the cause, preventing natural conception, the diagnosis "unexplained infertility" will be made, also called idiopathic. According to the statistics, about 15% of couples, having problems with conception, face the infertility of this type.

Scientists of Queen's University of Belfast have made a discovery that may help to solve this problem. The study of 239 pairs with a diagnosis  "unexplained infertility" showed that in 80% of cases there was DNA damage in sperm.

This is the first study that shows the relationship of a favorable outcome of IVF and amount of DNA damage in each sperm. Scientists have already begun to work on a special test that would help anyone to find the cause of infertility.

It is clear that the damage in sperm may not be the only factor that could prevent the conception, but the fact that the veil of secrecy has opened a little bit is already encouraging. And, at the same time, the way of solving of this problem becomes visible – it’s IVF with ICSI: this technology helps to choose a particular sperm, which will become "the future father."