A 51-year-old Brazilian has become a surrogate mother for her daughter

A 51 year-old resident of Brazil, Maria da Gloria gave birth to two twin girls for her daughter, who could not become mother because of the uterine amputation, that had been made to her at the age of 13. The Mother and the daughter had turned to fertility specialists 8 years ago, but they had refused to carry out IVF, referring to the sate of health and the age of Maria. However, six years later, the analysis showed that the health of the woman allowed her to carry and give birth to a child. Maria had got pregnant after the second attempt already, and 36 weeks later two perfectly healthy girls were born.

I usually have a negative attitude to the  IVF in the elderly age, not so much for medical (modern medicine makes it relatively safe to carry the pregnancy for a 50-year-old woman), but for social reasons (parents must not only bring a child into this world, but also to grow him up.)

But each situation must be handled individually, and it’s the case when the IVF procedure is quite justified. All the necessary examinations have confirmed that the health of the woman allowed her to carry the children successfully. Young and full of strength genetic parents will raise their kids. So why shouldn’t they have biological children, and the grandmother - dearly loved grandchildren?

By the way, according to Brazilian law, only a blood relative of one of the genetic parents of the child can become a surrogate mother. So in this situation the parents had no chance to undergo a commercial surrogacy program , and for this family it was the only way to have a long-awaited baby.