A woman with donor heart gave birth to a girl, conceived through IVF

A 39-year old resident of Argentina, who had underwent heart transplantation 14 years ago, gave birth to a healthy girl Emily, who was conceived with the help of in vitro fertilization.

This is the first such case in the history of medicine. Usually, pregnancy and childbirth are contraindicated even after less difficult and dangerous operations of transplantation. One of the reasons is that the impact of immunosuppressive agents, ie drugs that prevent organ rejection, which influence on the development and the health of a child, is not well studied yet. In the case of transplanted heart the risks for the health of the mother and of the fetus grow significantly – during the pregnancy the amount of blood in the body increases by 40%, which significantly enlarge the load on the body.

Despite this, Juliana, who had long dreamed of becoming a mother, still decided to take a desperate step and turned to fertility specialists. It was amazing, but she got pregnant already after the first attempt of IVF, although the preparations for immunosuppression usually have a negative effect on female fertility. Before the egg puncture the woman even had to temporarily stop taking medications that prevent rejection of the donor organ to avoid their negative effects on the fetus.

The birth of Emily became the first case in the history of medicine, when a woman with donor heart got pregnant through IVF, and gave birth naturally.

Of course, I want to congratulate the happy parents with the birth of the long-awaited daughter, as well as to pay tribute to the great courage of this woman. Making a decision to carry the baby herself, the woman took a huge risk. Of course, if a person is aware of the degree of danger, it’s entirely her choice – whether to risk her health and life or not. Not every woman, no matter how desperately she wants a child, can venture such a drastic step, especially since there are much safer ways to solve this problem, such as surrogacy.