Transplantation of the uterus from mother to daughter

A group of specialists from the University of Gothenburg (Sweden), have made the operations of uterine transplantation for two of their patients. The donor organs were obtained from the mothers of these women.

The first patient had lost the uterus because of the cancer, the second didn’t have the organ from birth. Before the transplantation, the two women had successfully completed the procedure of in vitro fertilization. The resulting embryos were frozen. It’s expected that they can be transferred in a year, when the doctors are confident that the organs have established. The surgeons say they will consider both operations successful, only when their patients get pregnant.

The first uterus transplantation had been performed by the doctors from Saudi Arabia in 2000, but then the transplantate had to be removed a few months later because of heavy bleeding.

The first successful transplantation of the uterine was performed by Turkish professor Omen Ozkanom in 2011. Now the patient of Dr. Ozkan is preparing for IVF.

I sincerely hope that the efforts of Swedish and Turkish experts will be crowned with success and their patients will be able to become pregnant and bear the long- awaited children. This will be certainly a breakthrough in modern transplantation and will give hope to thousands of women who were born without a uterus or who lost it for whatever reason. However, let’s not forget about the risks that can have such an operation, and especially the subsequent pregnancy and childbirth. The attitude of many professionals to the very fact of the uterus transplantation is quite skeptical because of the high risk of thrombosis of the foreign tissue, placed in the pelvic cavity, the more that this organ isn’t vital, and its absence is not a threat to the life and health of women. In my opinion, in this case surrogacy motherhood would be a much more secure method to solve the problem of infertility. Although, of course, every woman has the right to decide for herself, to risk her health or not.