Can vitamins help to get pregnant?

British scientists from University College of London have conducted one more study and found out that vitamins and minerals, supposedly, significantly increase women's chances to get pregnant.

The experiment involved women planning to undergo IVF, whose previous attempts have failed.

The researchers divided the volunteers into two groups. The first one had to take folic acid in the maximum permissible dose during the month prior to the procedure, and the second group, in addition to folic acid, was to take vitamins and trace elements, consisting of ascorbic acid, vitamin A and E, antioxidants, iron and zinc.

As a result, 75% of women in the second group have finally come up to the long-awaited pregnancy, while in the first group, this figure was only 40%.

Despite the fact that the research touches upon pregnancies after IVF, the researchers don’t exclude that this vitamin complex can increase the chances for a natural conception.

Vitamins - are, of course, a great thing, and I don’t want to down-grade their role in a successful processing of pregnancy. It’s even quite possible that the beneficial effect of vitamins on the general state of women's health can actually speed up the onset of the long-awaited pregnancy.

However, I would not recommend to rush to the pharmacy and to self-medicate. You may only lose the precious time and even aggravate the situation. So that if you’ve decided to "refresh" yourself with vitamins - you should consult with your doctor about the composition and the dosage of the complex you are going to take, especially if you are preparing for IVF.