Are diamonds able to increase the efficiency of IVF?

As it’s reported in the Science Now, with reference to the magazine Online Proceedings Library, the doctors have discovered an unusual way to improve the efficiency of IVF procedures. It turned out, that the Petri dish is to be covered with a thin diamond ply.

The scientists, who have conducted the study, say that when they took a vessel with diamond spatter instead of the traditional dish in polystyrol, the motility of sperm and its survival have significantly increased.

The specialists believe that the low motility of sperm, placed in a plastic or glass Petri dish, is caused by the softening of the surface layer of the material.

Application of diamond coating, which just can’t soften, must solve this problem. The scientists believe that their invention can be justified, given the high cost of the IVF procedure and the high percentage of failures.

Frankly, I don’t share their enthusiasm. First of all, just because of the high cost of in vitro fertilization. This procedure is not cheap at all - many families are saving money for years and deny themselves everything for the sake of the long-awaited pregnancy. And I do not think that such patients would be willing to pay for rather mythical prospects of improve in IVF efficiency by very expensive coating of Petri dishes. Especially, because there are much more objective indicators, such as age and general state of women’s health. And, of course, do not forget about the professionalism of doctors who really can work wonders without any magical diamonds.