Once more about the "anomalies" of IVF. What’s new?

Today I decided to "glad" you with another study of British scientists. Experts from the University of Ulster, have analyzed the data on the outcome of pregnancies of women from 14 European countries over the period from 1984 to 2007. In total, the researchers have processed the data on 5.4 million of births.

The obtained results have shown that over this period the percentage of infants with congenital abnormalities in multiple pregnancies has increased almost 2-fold. If in 1984 the number of such children among twins and triplets was 6 per 10,000 multiple births, in 2007 this number has increased to 11.

The authors explain the increased risk of having a child with congenital abnormalities in multiple pregnancies by the fact that in most cases such pregnancies were due to IVF. However, the researchers aren’t able to explain the reasons why this is happening.

I’ll try to do it for them. Usually, my main complaint against this kind of researches is that the scientists, scaring the lay audience with the negative effects of IVF, simply ignore such important factors as multiple pregnancies and age of the mothers. Well, the first factor, finally, wasn’t left without attention, but the researchers made no mention whatever about the second one.  And yet, for various reasons, the IVF method is mostly used by women older than 35, or even 40. I think it isn’t necessary to be a specialist to understand that with age, the risk of various pathologies increases significantly.

By the way, my words can be confirmed by a recent study of a team of scientists from the University of Newcastle, who seem to identify the reasons why women in middle age are more likely to produce unhealthy eggs. According to them, the whole thing consists in reducing of specific proteins. So, if the quantity of these substances is not enough, the egg structure becomes too flexible and soft.  In its turn, the formation of abnormal eggs leads to such negative consequences as infertility, spontaneous abortion, and may provoke the development of serious diseases of the unborn child, such as Down syndrome.

So, there is no need to be afraid of IVF, the loss of precious time is much more dreadful. If it happened so that you can’t get pregnant naturally – don’t keep putting off the visit to a doctor. The sooner you contact a competent expert, the more likely your home will be filled in with your child’s laughter.