The life of childless people is shorter

Danish doctors have found out that childless couples live less than those who have children.

The experts have analyzed records of births and deaths, information about in vitro fertilization and referrals to psychiatrists. They have also turned to the history of labor registry offices in order to look at the dynamics of income and other economic indicators for the period from 1994 to 2008. It turned out that having children may increase the expectancy and quality of life. In particular, the risk of premature death from cardio-vascular diseases, cancer, or even an accident for childless women and men is four times higher than for those who have children. Psychologists believe that the stress, felt by couples desperate to have a baby, is in the picture of such «trend».

It seems to be a vicious circle: the absence of children leads to health problems, and health problems, don’t let to conceive a child. Unfortunately, the situation with infertility has a marked tendency to deteriorate. These are modern ART who are able to break this vicious circle. The Earth is home to 5 million people born through IVF. Whatever the opponents of in vitro fertilization say, the procedure helps people, giving them happiness to have their children, which, as it turned out, can even extend life.