The lack of sleep - another cause of male infertility?

Danish researchers seem to have identified another possible cause of male infertility. For 20 years experts from the University of Southern Denmark have been studying about 1,000 men, who were undergoing special tests of their seminal fluid and were filling out a questionnaire concerning the quality of sleep. It was found out that disturbances in sleep mode, can entail a reduction in male fertility in addition to other health problems.

It turned out that the number of sperm cells of those who wake up in the night and / or have trouble falling asleep, is 25% lower than of those who do not have problems with sleep.

Thanks to the study of the Danish scientists it’s for the first time that a link between sleep disorders and male fertility was established. There is a hope that this discovery will speed up the process of identifying problems with conception.

Despite the fact that usually it’s women who are «to be blame» for the absence of children in the family, to date the cumulative role of male infertility factor is nearly 50%. Unfortunately, according to numerous studies, over time, this figure will only increase, so each new discovery, designed to help in overcoming this illness is of great importance.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that many representatives of a strong half of mankind often don’t want to admit that they can have some problems with fertility and simply refuse to be tested. However, we must understand that only a high skilled professional can identify the true cause of problems with conception. Alas, in many cases it’s not enough just to sleep well or to give up bad habits to get a long-awaited child. Fortunately, progress has stepped far enough and modern assisted reproductive technologies do real miracles. The main thing is to see a doctor in time.