Proteins increase the efficiency of IVF

At least, so say the scientists from the Institute of Reproductive Medicine, the State of Delaware (USA). «Protein is essential for good quality embryos and better egg quality, it turns out,» - study researcher Dr. Jeffrey Russell, director of the Delaware Institute for Reproductive Medicine, said in a statement. His research was released at the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists' annual clinical meeting in New Orleans.

The Researchers asked 120 women undergoing IVF to keep a three-day nutritional journal before they had an embryo transfer. Those patients whose daily ration consisted of protein for more than 25%, and whose daily carbohydrate intake was less than 40%, had the pregnancy rate four times higher than those who took primarily carbohydrates. There were no differences in body mass index (a measure of weight relative to height) between the two groups.

This data allowed scientists to suggest that increase in the effectiveness of IVF can be associated with certain components of nutrition of a woman.

However, experts urge women to "not pounce" on protein-rich food in the hope of getting pregnant immediately. Dr. Kathy Hoeger, director of the Strong Fertility Center at the University of Rochester, N.Y.,said that the data isn’t sufficient to accurately establish the presence or absence of links between protein diet and increase in the efficiency of IVF. However, the doctor said that most of her patients ask what they should be eating when preparing for in vitro fertilization to increase the chances of conception. It means that the question of optimal diet itself is of great importance both for the specialists in the field of reproduction, and for the ordinary patients.

Personally, I agree with Dr. Hoeger. Still, the study based on the results of only 120 women, is hardly representative. Especially because far more extensive research on the topic of women's health exists, during which almost the opposite results were received. I'm talking about one of the largest and longest studies in the United States, led at Harvard University, with the participation of more than 18,000 women, the results of which were published in the book «The Fertility Diet». According to the researchers from Harvard, women shouldn’t reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, but only avoid simple sugars, giving preference to products rich in fiber. The researchers also found that women who consumed milk products with a high content of fat, were less likely to have fertility problems than those who chose low-fat products.

Despite regular researches, in general, the impact of certain foods on the effectiveness of IVF isn’t studied well enough, and no one can say exactly how many percents of fat or of carbohydrates will affect the outcome of the procedure and whether it will affect it at all. Let’s not forget that every body is unique, and the best diet for you personally should be approved by your doctor.