Surrogacy in Turkey is still a taboo

According to the web-site Antalyatoday, Turkish authorities, currently actively working on the chapters of the new Constitution, are going to include the articles on the prevention of early marriages and the right of children to participate in solving of family problems, the issue of family life privacy has also been raised.

In addition to these noble initiatives, the representatives of the four parties that took part in the discussion of the main law of the country, returned to the discussion of the problems of surrogacy and sperm donation and agreed on the points, in my opinion, much less "useful" for the society.

The authorities plan to ban not only anonymous sperm donation, citing the fact that "children have a right to know who their mothers and fathers are," but also the creation of sperm banks in general. Moreover, it is planned to introduce criminal penalties for those Turkish women who use the services of foreign donors. Surrogacy will also be banned.

Actually, Turkish lawmakers did nothing new. Surrogacy in Turkey used to be a taboo and sperm donation in the country had always been equivalent to adultery. Alas, the new constitution doesn’t make the life easier for the families suffering from infertility.

For some completely inexplicable reason, instead of looking for ways to solve the problems of its citizens, the government prefers to create these problems for them, simply forcing people to seek the services of surrogate mothers overseas. Such decisions don’t lead to anything good except rampant fraud in this area, not to mention the fact that the state itself is losing the profits that could be obtained from the same medical tourism. For some reason, the Turkish authorities, and other countries where we have such bans  being introduced, doesn’t want to understand that if people really want to have a long-awaited child, and finally become a real family, no distance and bureaucratic obstacles will become a barrier for them.