British women are against late childbirth

An interesting survey regarding the attitude of women towards late motherhood took place in the UK. The study showed that the majority of respondents criticize those who become mothers after 40.

It’s interesting that, according to the results of the same survey, British women postpone having children much more often than women in other European countries. These data are confirmed by the statistics of childbirth, published by the British Information Centre of Health and Social Services, according to which in the last 5 years the number of women, giving birth after 40 has increased by 15%. 

According to the obtained data, 70% of women don’t approve the idea of having children after the age of 40. The main reason is the risk of leaving a child orphaned at an early age.

Also, the majority of respondents expressed concern that due to health problems, "elderly" mother won’t be able to give the child enough attention. Among the arguments against late childbirth was a too big age gap between a mother and a child. Many respondents called such mothers selfish, accusing them of having devoted the most favorable age to their career and personal life and not to childbearing.

Pollsters have also asked those who gave birth after 40 about the causes of the late motherhood. 47% of the respondents said that they hadn’t met a man worthy to become the father of their children, 34% couldn’t become mothers because of the financial difficulties, the others were busy making career, or couldn’t get pregnant because of certain health problems.

Of course, the reasons for late motherhood are numerous, and a woman, of course, has a right to decide for herself when to become a mother. In general, the reasons for which many women are against such solutions are quite understandable. On the other hand the late motherhood may have some advantages. The same wealth, the achievement of which prevented to have children in earlier age, can be a good support for the child. Good education and health care are not cheap.

I’m always against rowing everybody with the same brush. We must understand that people are different, and the circumstances can be different too. Some people barely make ends meet, while others live in luxury. It’s clear that a lonely old woman can’t afford raising a child and providing him with all the necessary things. But, for example, a famous actress with million fees – can easily do it.

By the way, I have always been for the implementation of the age limit for IVF and my opinion still remains the same. I just want to say that every time the issue should be decided individually, basing on the mother's ability to a) give birth safely and b) raise a child.