Age limit to free IVF in Israel

The Ministry of Health of Israel seriously thinks about the introduction of the age limits to a free IVF. The Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" referring to the country's Ministry of Health reports that the authority intends to stop funding expensive in vitro fertilization procedures for the patients older than 44 years, since the chance of pregnancy in this age group is very small.

According to the new regulations, women older than 35 years will be entitled to six free IVF attempts per year. In the period from 41 years to 44 years, women will have four such attempts. If after seven procedures the pregnancy still doesn’t occur, a special medical commission will decide whether it makes sense to continue the treatment or not.

Let me remind you that at the moment all Israeli citizen under the age of 45 years have a right to the unlimited number of IVF attempts, the program is available until two children are born.

Opponents of the reform accuse the officials of trying to deprive women of the last chance to become mothers. According to the columnist of one of the Israeli papers, the Ministry of Health shouldn’t measure the effectiveness of the program of public funding of IVF in terms of money, as every woman deserves happiness to be a mother.

Frankly, I don’t really understand why the opponents of the reform are so alarmed. Even before now the maximum age of the Israeli woman, wanting to undergo the in vitro fertilization procedure, shouldn’t exceed 45 years. Despite this, Israel's policy has been and remains perhaps the most "friendly" towards women suffering from infertility. Any other country in the world provides such a number of free IVF attempts. So it seems inappropriate to talk about any infringement of women's reproductive rights. Besides, the Ministry of Health intends to spend the savings on increasing funding for those whose chances for successful treatment are higher.

Israel – is an internationally recognized leader in the field of assisted reproductive technologies. IVF performance indicators in medical centers in the country reach 45%. However, you need to understand that even taking into account the highest level of Israeli medicine, doctors - are not gods and they are not omnipotent. Unfortunately, the female body is designed in such a way that it eventually loses its ability to reproduce, not mentioning the fact that it becomes more difficult for older women to endure pregnancy and the risk of the development of various pathologies of the child increases significantly. And let’s not forget about the social aspect. It’s interesting if the ardent opponents of the implementation of the age limit ever think about how a pensioner will raise a child and provide him with all necessary?

I have often commented on the age limit for IVF - its introduction is necessary, first of all, for the sake of the children.