Testosterone makes men infertile?

Recently among Hollywood stars it became popular to use preparations containing testosterone. A famous British singer Robbie Williams one of the first admitted his "addiction" to testosterone. Allegedly, the hormone injections help him to cope with a reduction in the overall tone, irritability and even increase virility. Even quite ordinary people follow the example of their idols, the more that food supplements containing testosterone are sold in most countries without a prescription, because dietary supplements aren’t considered a drug.

A group of U.S. scientists have discovered a serious and seemingly paradoxical side effect of taking such drugs. It was found that, increasing the potency, they simultaneously have a negative impact on the number of sperm in the ejaculate, thereby reducing the chance of a man to become a father.

Experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham conducted a survey involving 1,500 men who complained of having trouble with conception. 105 test persons regularly took medications containing testosterone. 34 of them stopped taking testosterone for the period of the survey. In a few weeks 28 of 34 participants of the experiment had the quantity of their sperm cells having increased from 1.8 million to 35 million to 1 ml of semen.

The study leader professor Peter Kolletis urges his patients and all the men to refrain from taking medications with testosterone, as long as they don’t have children.

I completely agree with the opinion of the professor, despite the fact that a study involving 34 test persons only can hardly be called representative. And yet, there is no smoke without fire, and I highly recommend all the men to ginger the body in other ways, such as sports and healthy diet, so that they don’t have to seek the help of fertility specialists.