IVF baby-boom in Hollywood

In the recent years Hollywood has seen a real "star" baby-boom among those "who are over 40."

An Oscar-winning actress Holly Berry first became a mother at the age of 42. Now a 47-year-old actress is pregnant again. Canadian singer Celine Dion gave birth to twins at 41. In 2010, Kelly Preston gave a heir to her famous husband John Travolta in 48. Mariah Carey born a son and a daughter in one day at the age of 42 years. The star of the TV series "Desperate Housewives" Marcia Cross became pregnant and gave birth to two daughters at 44. Madonna's first daughter was born, when she was already 38. Salma Hayek, Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, Jane Seymour, Geena Davis - all these celebrities became mothers after the age of 40.

In fact, there is nothing surprising in this "phenomenon". The realities of modern life are so that it’s rather difficult to combine motherhood and career. This is especially true for the celebrities  - rivalry is crazy – you are off the screens even for a year, and you can say good bye to fabulous fees and crowds of fans.

That’s why many celebrities prefer to put off the joys of motherhood, the more that the modern medicine let do it. Someone openly admits that their children were born with the help of IVF, others prefer to hide it. But the fact is that with age, reproductive function of a woman fades away. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but still the majority of late pregnancies occur due to the efforts of fertility specialists. My assumption is confirmed by the fact that many of these celebrities have twins, and multiple pregnancies are a very frequent consequence of IVF.

So I think that those who speak of the natural origin of the pregnancy after forty, still dissemble a little. I just don’t understand why. There is no shame in enjoying the benefits of modern science and medicine, especially on such a good purpose. IVF children are no different from others, conceived in an "old-fashioned" way, and they are definitely a real godsend for their parents.