Late kids and the laws of nature

2 years ago, the famous actor Robert De Niro became a father once again. The girl was born with the help of a surrogate mother, but 69-year-old De Niro and his wife, 58-year-old flight attendant Grace Hightower claim to be her genetic parents. Besides Helen, the couple has a 15-year-old son Elliot. Totally the actor is the father of six children, two of whom (twins Julian and Aaron) also came into the world through a surrogacy program.

De Niro is a very talented actor and certainly a wonderful father, and I’m happy for him and his wife. Still, it's tempting to say: cool story, so hard to believe. By this I mean that the spouses are the genetic parents of 2-year-old Helen. And if I still can believe in the paternity of De Niro, the genetic relatedness of the child and of Grace Hightower causes me serious doubts. It’s so arranged by nature that men retain the ability to reproduction till the old age, but women lose this  ability with age. It’s a scientifically proven fact, and it’s not subject to discussion.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average age of the menopause beginning in the world is 51 year (this, by the way, explains the fact that some countries limit the maximum age for IVF by 51 year).

Of course, anything can happen in this life. I heard that some people had the opportunity to meet with those who had won the lottery. But I didn’t. I feel much the same way about having a child after 50, using the eggs of that lady as about winning the lottery - there is such a theoretical possibility, but a practical one is vanishing small.

It seems to be quite harmless - well, that woman wants everyone to believe that she was still at that age and that she grows her native child (from the genetic point of view) - so let it be so. It’s a forgivable weakness. However, I’m strongly opposed to the fact that these ladies are still actively trying to advertize themselves in the media. Because, after watching these stories on TV or having read them in the papers or electronic media, women of non reproductive age come to fertility clinics asking to "make" them "their" child. And to all the explanations they say - "Well, that one in the TV show did it? And she’s even older than me. You can’t help me? So you're a bad doctor. "And none of the arguments can help.

Of course, every woman has the right to decide for herself in what age to have children. But, ladies, trust a man who has more than a 10-year experience of working with surrogacy - in my experience, there was no case of pregnancies of women over 50 years with their own eggs. Alas, nature has its own laws, and they are harsh and unforgiving. The decision to use donor eggs is always psychologically quite difficult, and not every woman can do it. But if you're ready for this - our fertility clinics and donor eggs bank are at your disposal. And I recommend you to look at such programs and materials like at cheap self advertizing.