Will the Swedes give their consent to the surrogacy?

As you know, now the surrogate motherhood is prohibited  in Sweden, and whether it’s necessary, Swedish couples have to ask for help abroad. Soon, however, the situation might change: the State Council, that advises Government on issues of medical ethics, says that they "do not see any reasons not to allow surrogacy and embryo donorship." President of the Council Kjell Asplund set the condition: surrogacy can only have a non-profit foundation: "We stand for, when it comes from the desire to help another person ..."

Frankly, I am a bit suspicious about surrogate motherhood on a "non-commercial" base. First, I can hardly imagine a woman who would agree to carry and give birth to another baby just for "thank you." Pregnancy is not only hard physical labor, but also serious expenses. And considering that the pregnant woman is deprived of the opportunity to work for quite a long period of time, such a "voluntary initiative" will flatten the altruist’s wallet. I suspect that in the countries where the surrogacy is non-commercial, money is simply given "in black." So here the second aspect comes- the legal one. Simply put, no money - no contract, no contract - no obligations. You can’t demand anything from a person who helps you on the altruistic basis.

Nevertheless mere fact that the Swedish legislators are at least thinking on a non-profit surrogacy is already a huge step forward. First of all, it shows a change in the general attitude of the government towards this medical technology: the State admitted its usage possible. And it makes life of Swedish infertile couples easier- there will be no need anymore to go for a child to another country, and then try to legalize him. Well, little strokes fell great oaks.