The Swedish "model" of IVF

The State Council, which advises the Swedish government on medical ethics, raised question about lifting the age limits on IVF. As we know, the Swedish health system now provides  free assistance to conceive for women whose age does not exceed 37 years, and for men under 41. Now, however, there is a question about the abolition of these restrictions.

My opinion about the upper age limit for IVF remains the same. Generally I am against the introduction of hard limits: the issue in each case should be resolved individually. However, the presence of the age limit for IVF has serious reasons for that. First thing is the physical capabilities, which, alas, do not always allow to give birth to a healthy baby after a certain age. And the second - not everyone is able to grow up this child and bring him up afterwards.

So when i saw that the Swedes had been going to remove all restrictions, I even began to worry, however, Sweden is Sweden, so they created their own "model". Point is that age limits will not disappear at all: just each case will be considered individually, taking into account the physical and mental health of patients. And, of course, the social aspect did not go unnoticed: "one of the parents must be young enough to care for the child until he becomes an adult." It means, that even if formally there are no limits, the key points will still be taken into consideration. I have always been amazed by this ability of Swedes: from one side, there are no real restrictions, but in the same time, no one will permit to behave away the common sense.