Bed rest after IVF

Scientists from the University of Valencia conducted a study to reveal interrelation between bed rest after IVF and effectiveness of the procedure. The conclusions were quite amusing. According to the Spanish experts, stay in bed right after replanting of embryos, recommended by an absolute majority of doctors, is completely useless.

In the experiment 240 women were divided into 2 groups. The subjects in the first group were staying in a bed for 10 minutes after the embryo transfer, but women from the second group got up immediately after the procedure and walked about the room. In the first group pregnancies resulted with miscarriage in 27.5% of cases, in the second - only in 18%. From first group 50 women gave birth successfully, in the second - 68.

According to the researchers, the reason is that lying on the position of "patient" is stressful for women, and stress is not a positive effect on the course of pregnancy. The Spanish also assume that the vertical position of the body, supposedly contributes to a better "acclimation rate" of the embryo.

Doing new research is certainly good, but it would be nice to examine such an important issue more seriously. In my opinion, making far-reaching conclusions on the basis of the study, which was attended by only 240 people, is simply unreasonable. And even less reasonable, and just dangerous, is to follow recommendations of that research. The more so the exact cause of the phenomenon (if you can call it a phenomenon with such a small representativeness) is not known even to the researchers. In my view, the reasoning of the vertical position of the body or the fact that patients who observe bed rest, are somehow more subject to stress – is no more than assumptions and hypotheses.

So, ladies, I sincerely advise you not to do experiments, and to trust skilled professionals whose opinion you trust, and to follow their advice.