Specifics of the sperm donation in China

The existence of demographic problems in China is unexpected for most people- Chinese do not seem to be a nation, suffering from infertility. However, about every tenth family there has problems with conceiving a child, and last two years this has increased by 3%. Although it sounds not critical, if you think about, the 3% of China's population is kind of appreciably. Against the background of increasing problems of infertility services to donors are becoming more and more relevant.

The system of sperm donation in China is quite distinctive. The official donation is anonymous. Standards that are welcome in other countries, but not strictly regulated, are mandatory in China. So, in addition to the age limit (22 to 45 years), there are many limitations on donor’s sexual orientation, his lack of bad habits and chronic diseases.

Donor, who has graduated from the University, or, better yet, has a doctoral degree, is valued at several times higher. Of course, this selection doesn’t allow everyone to become a donor, and infertile couples in the meantime are waiting for about a year before their turn comes up.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that according to the Chinese law any sperm sample can be used only by one woman to eliminate the risk of incest completely. For comparison, in Western Europe the number of children gotten from one donor, is from 5 to 10 people.

Apparently, the criteria of selection, which is too harsh and, as a consequence, the long waiting list, make people turn to the "black market" of sperm: it’s like when infertile families and donors find each other on the website. There are a lot of those who are willing to help (number of them has increased for several times over the last year!), including those who offer the "natural" conception as this method is more proved. However, this method has many disadvantages, both medical and legal. Here is the comment on the current situation of the director of sperm bank: "... I am concerned that such procedures (he means the natural conception but with the donor sperm) can cause jealousy of the spouse and further problems in the family."