Is acupuncture during the IVF an effective method or the placebo effect?

Needle therapy, which is used as an additional or supportive therapy during the IVF, may be useful, as scientists reported in the medical school of the University of Maryland. The same conclusions had been previously made by scientists from Germany as well, according to whose study, women, who used the needle therapy along with IVF, had twice more chances to get pregnant than women who did not use acupuncture. However, a year after the German study, another group of researchers from the UK and Netherlands, has denied these results by showing that the effect of acupuncture is comparable with placebo, and there is no significant benefit for IVF, and no harm as well.


So, acupuncture, or, as people say, needle therapy is not new, but quite fashionable today procedure. They believe that it has a positive effect on the vegetative system of the person, so it is often used as an alternative treatment for psychosomatic diseases. But not so long ago in the United States acupuncture has become a popular procedure among women who are getting prepared for in vitro fertilization. Here is information I have found in the web site of one acupuncture clinic in Moscow: "The purpose of acupuncture during the IVF is to maintain a high level of perfusion and the ovaries’ functioning, and the preservation of women’s mental tranquility throughout the course of IVF... One of the features of acupuncture is a complete absence of side effects ... there is no risk of overdose ... ".

I have already commented for many times on articles about the benefits of different methods and procedures that are determined to be useful by some scientists, by others- to be rather harmful and so on. I keep saying that all these procedures should be approached with extreme caution. The phrase "there is no danger of overdose", sounds, in my opinion, very suspiciously: human responses are absolutely individual: some people have higher threshold of susceptibility than others, and it can be dangerous for you and your baby to rely on feedback of people, for whom this method was effective. So, even if this procedure is focused on preventive maintenance of the nervous system or strengthening of immunity, there is always a limit of doses. The conclusion is that if you decide to improve effectiveness of the IVF by using "supporting" procedures (no matter whether it helped your friend or you read it somewhere on the forum, etc.) – always start with a consultation with your doctor.