Indian couples are looking for European donors

Once again, they started talking in the world about donation and infertility, but this time from a different perspective: infertile couples in India (there are now about 19 million and, according to the World Health Organization, this number is growing), tend to get a child of European appearance by using biomaterial of light-skinned blue-eyed donors. Experts from the Center of Reproduction note that it is difficult and expensive to get such a child. Clinics have to sign a contract with the future parents, contracts for the transportation of the embryo, parents have to do a huge amount of paperwork.

It is known, that people from different East European countries usually become donors for the Indians. The cost of embryos depends on health and education of donors and varies according to the region. European Donors are usually paid from 1 to 5 thousand dollars (although the Canadians, for example, get no monetary compensation, as this is prohibited by law). But neither bureaucratic procedures, nor serious material costs can reduce the desire of Indians to have a light-skinned child.

Frankly, I have deep doubts about the fact that Indian couples buy biomaterial from European donors for themselves. First, the program of in vitro fertilization is not a cheap procedure, and I don’t think there are a lot of couples in India who can afford it, moreover paying extra for the "exclusive baby". However, due to the fact that India has become quite a popular destination for those who want to use the services of surrogate motherhood, it seems more likely that the Indians are buying biomaterial from Europe not for themselves. Most likely donor sperm and egg cells are used by surrogate mothers, to bear a child for a European couple, where one of the partners does not have the high quality biomaterial. So availability of eggs from European donors is a good way to attract customers.

I can’t find other reasons for such a strong desire to have a child, who will look different from his parents. Normally, while using donor biological material the donor is usually selected according to the phenotype of future parents. I can hardly imagine a European or Russian family, who decided to take a woman's egg of another race. The IVF is a program for couples, who have been dreaming about the child for many years and they will not choose a donor (if necessary) with a greatly different phenotype. Moreover - traditionally, couples tend to hide from others, and even from a child that they used IVF. But to use the donor of another race - it's like to put up a poster: "this child is not absolutely genetically ours”.