Finding egg donor through the agency. How to find a good surrogacy agency?

When it comes to the decision to participate in surrogacy, it’s a very important step, whether you are future parents or a surrogate mother. Choosing this option means that both parts have come through lots of hesitations, researches and comparisons. The most reasonable way out is to turn to the donor agency. Surrogate mothers, as well as future parents, can get comprehensive answers to all possible questions, and to choose the most appropriate service package according to their wishes and demands.

So why choosing the agency, and not the independent donor?

Some couples are lucky to find the future surrogate mother among their friends or just people around – this makes some issues easier. But nevertheless such an important step as collaborating with surrogate mother demands serious steps like contract and constant medical support. It’s not that easy to organize it, foreseeing all medical and legal nuances, when working with an independent surrogate mother, while the best surrogate agencies offer high-class service at each stage. The consultants from donor agency will come up with the most appropriate version of a contract, so that both parts would be protected both legally and medically. Legal and medical consultations concerning these questions require special knowledge and delicacy. Agencies cooperate with all the necessary specialists to be sure that all the parts would be absolutely satisfied and their rights would be respected.

What does our agency guarantee?

As for the future parents coming to the donor agency, you may be sure that all egg donors are thoroughly tested, they lead a healthy lifestyle, have no bad habits and hereditary diseases. As for surrogate mothers and egg donors cooperating with the agency, it is a guarantee that you are getting a decent medical support, and your rights are respected. You are needed to give birth to a nice healthy child. This is a primary goal, and we will help to reach it by all means.

So, if you are future parents, who have decided to have a baby via the service of surrogate mother agency, it’s time to browse through the agencies’ reviews to choose the most suitable variant for you and to arrange a consultation. It’s normal to go to several agencies to be able to get all the possible pieces of information and to make a weighted decision.

And if you are a future surrogate mother, it’s high time you’ve turned to the egg donor agency, because you may help some couple to become happy parents.