What is better: agency or private surrogacy?

Recently, the theme of surrogacy has become very relevant in our progressive world. People, who cannot conceive their own child, often have a question of whose services to use: a professional agency or an independent surrogate mother?

Advantages of independent surrogacy without agencies

Undoubtedly, for many prospective parents, surrogate motherhood without agencies is the preferred option because of its low cost.

Some surrogates and prospective parents decide to go through surrogate motherhood without agencies, because they want to control themselves and be responsible for the whole process of pregnancy.

Limitations of independent surrogacy without agencies

Probably, many people doubt if it’s a right thing to make a contract with surrogate agencies, if one can do everything him- or herself, without extra expenditures. But if you are going to decide on this, you should take a few things into account:

Independent surrogacy is a risk

The independent search for a surrogate is a very painstaking and complex process. Many parents who do not want to use the professional services of agencies decide to look for a surrogate mother online. But is this the right step? They will learn how to successfully find a surrogate through ads, but there is always a risk that a woman will not be ready for surrogate motherhood from medical or psychological point of view. Because of this, prospective parents can spend their time and money, but never achieve the desired result.

Independent surrogacy is a problem

If you decide to work without a surrogate motherhood agency, you will bear all responsibility for the services the agency normally provides: high quality medical care, psychological consultations, moral support to the surrogate mother and so on. You will need to see for yourself if pregnancy goes successfully, to find all professionals by yourself, and sometimes their services can cost much more than in the agency.

Independent surrogacy is a high risk of threats

Surrogate agencies have extensive experience in solving problems that may arise during the surrogate path. If you decide not to use the agency's services, you are automatically deprived of legal protection. There were many cases when surrogate mothers blackmail future parents in order to get more money than it was initially agreed.

Why is doing it through surrogate agency is a better option? Because it will be able to provide proper support, care, and comfort to both surrogate mothers and future parents, being able to also protect them against possible risks. It is always better to contact a professional agency that will provide you with a full package of all kinds of services to make this process enjoyable for both parties.