What factors are effects on fertility?

Studies of many scientists in the field of fertility confirm that proper nutrition and the use of certain foods can improve the function of ovulation.

Brief tips on changing nutrition:

  • Eat more complex carbohydrates that contain fiber, such as fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains.
  • Try not to eat trans-fats.
  • Use low-fat dairy products.
  • Add to your diet food that contains vitamin D.
  • Add to your diet protein from plant based products such as beans, nuts, seeds and tofu.
  • Drink tea, coffee and alcohol in moderation, avoid sweet drinks.
  • Try to keep your weight in the "fertility zone".

It should be noted that the birth rate is also affected by your psychological state and condition in the family. Therefore, you should try to make it so that it's convenient for you to be surrounded by your friends and relatives or try to reduce communication with them to a minimum.

Do not overload yourself! If you are tired and want to be alone with yourself, do not hesitate to say this to your associates.

Do what you like, it's the best way to unwind and feel healthy and full of energy.

Travel. Take your loved one, friends, relatives and arrange a weekend! Change the situation for at least a few days and when you return all that surrounds you, will cease to seem routine.

Create your own traditions with your partner. You and your second half can create a ritual that would show that you love each other, regardless of whether you have children or not.

Do not forget to share your feelings and feelings with your loved ones, do not close from them. Let them become your support and support you in everything.

Proper nutrition and exercise are the least that can be done to be healthy. Do not run your body and your health, because it is much easier to prevent the problem than to cure it later.