Ethics and standards of surrogate motherhood

The problem of infertility is becoming more urgent, and the method of solving it - surrogate motherhood - is gaining its adherents and opponents every day.

Opponents of this policy believe that surrogate motherhood is a great way to sell your own child for money. Some also believe that because of this, the respect of women may decrease, that this is a great psychological trauma for mothers who will have to give their own child after childbirth, and that surrogate motherhood undermines the sanctity of marriage and children.

Supporters, on the contrary, believe that this is not exploitation of women, but a great way to help children of their children. And it is always a question of material compensation and moral satisfaction from the assistance rendered.

Regardless of the number of opponents, the importance of surrogate motherhood increases every year, which means that the choice of agencies is widening to parents. Here are some things to consider when choosing an agency:

  • The agency must have many years of experience, be proven by time, have a remarkable reputation and good connections with various legal and medical industries.
  • The Agency should conduct various screening procedures for egg donors and surrogates.
  • The staff of the agency should employ qualified employees who can meet the needs of customers and solve the difficulties that may arise during the surrogate route.
  • The agency should have a good financial base, provide places for meetings of all parties, and have a connection with structures such as error insurance and a service agreement.
  • A good agency should be able not only to recruit and compare donors and surrogates, but also provide many services, provide psychological, emotional, physical support.

Each agency should work in the interests of its clients, prove that it is their agency that is worthy of your trust. From all this we can conclude that surrogate motherhood is an indispensable thing for creating a full-fledged and strong family. If you decide on this step, we advise you to use the services of a professional agency that will help you overcome all the difficulties arising on the way of surrogate motherhood.