Egg donor database. Where to view profiles of egg donors?

What is more reliable: to search for a surrogate mother through private ads or through a clinic that has numerous reviews of happy parents?

How much does a surrogate motherhood cost? And doesn’t it sound cheaper to look for a woman on your own? The problem is that the price of this service can turn out to be a lot higher than you would have expected. You cannot predict how the chosen surrogate mother will behave during pregnancy and if her medical analyses are valid.

From a financial point of view, it is often more beneficial to cooperate with a professional company that will remove all worries from the future parents. When working with our clinic, you do not have to worry about the cost of the program, the organization of the surrogate mother's life. You will only have to focus on the main thing: preparations for the birth of your baby.

Open databases of surrogate mothers

If you can not give birth to a child because of the lack of your own eggs, the oocyte donation program will help you to achieve the desired goal. How to start a donor search for oocytes?

Requests for the search and selection of eggs is extremely common in the search engines. Demand for the service is steadily growing, but often patients are faced with the fact that prices for agency services are extremely high, and the bases and egg banks are full of empty, non-existent information and in fact search and selection of candidates is extremely difficult without using a base or bank of vitrified oocytes in the clinic.

Sites with a directory of private ads for surrogate mothers contain only a list of offers without specifying any additional information about the women.

However, in order to make a primary choice, people need to know some more details. For example, hobbies, education, work place, religion, etc. The issue of selecting surrogate mothers is very delicate. Some parameters may seem insignificant to some people, but for others they will play a huge role.

The specialists of our medical center tried to build a bank or a base of donor vitrified oocytes and a database of oocyte donors in such a way as to ensure a quick selection of a donor for each of our patient and patients of other clinics.

A well-thought-out database allows biologists save their time for searching, and to immediately approach the cherished goal. Therefore, our clinic’s surrogate motherhood directory unites the most useful information among which parents will need to make a choice:

  • General information (full name, age, marital status, place of birth, information about the family members, education, occupation and hobbies).
  • Motives for joining the program. Medical data (height, weight, transferred diseases, blood type, the presence of allergies, etc.)

Our wide database is constantly being replenished due to the continuous search of the medical center for women offering surrogate motherhood: through ads, websites, and thematic forums. This allows you to choose the future surrogate mother for any phenotypic and anthropometric data.

Many clients find the place of work of a woman as important information. If in normal life some working conditions are acceptable, then during pregnancy they should be excluded. For example, increased humidity or noise. Future parents want to know in advance whether they will have to ask the surrogate to leave work for the time of the natal period or not.

Due to the large base of surveyed surrogates, if the selected candidate for some reasons did not fit, it is easy to change at the request of the client. Other agencies cannot offer such speed.

In addition, when you contact the donors' bank for eggs, you will be completely protected from all risks: all our donors undergo thorough medical screening, when patients contact the bank for donating eggs, a bilateral agreement between the donor and the recipient is signed, which protects you legally.

Carrying out the selection of an egg donor, we observe complete anonymity of the donor and the recipient.