Egg donation. Who can sell female eggs? How much do female eggs sell for?

Surrogate motherhood is associated not only with the high degree of responsibility of all participants in the process, but also with a multitude of psychological and legal aspects. This is really hard work. A surrogate mother, like a candidate for a difficult high-paying position, must meet a number of high demands.

What are the requirements to surrogate mothers:

Absolute physical and mental health. This predefines the success of the procedure itself, the welfare of the unborn child, the emotional climate during the preparation for your future pregnancy. A healthy mother is easier to tolerate the physiological difficulties associated with such a difficult period.

Age. A surrogate mother usually cannot be younger than 20 years and older than 35. Laws can support certain fluctuations from this age, but since the procedure is costly and risky, this age is considered to be the safest for successful birth of healthy children. This time is the most favorable from the point of view of the reproductive health of a woman, formed physiologically and as an individual.

Having own children. Doctors also require a woman to have at least one of their own healthy children. In this case, the previous birth should take place naturally, without surgical intervention.

Positive Rh factor of blood. In some cases, negative can also work well, but in most of cases positive Rh factor will minimize the risk of rejection of the embryo. A surrogate mother with negative rhesus is required extremely rarely, only in exceptional cases.

Before entering into a contract, specialists from the clinic not only examine a future female egg donor to make sure that she is perfectly healthy, but also will conduct a conversation in order to understand that a future egg donor:

  • Will be attentive, realize all the responsibility described in the contract, that a woman will follow all the instructions from a doctor and will be more attentive to her health than ever before.
  • Will be reasonable, fully understanding that even such small interventions into female organism can be risky for her health, due to the use of hormonal drugs and other factors.
  • Will be a good egg donor, who will not have any doubts if to go for this procedure or not, and fully realizing that her genetic child may be brought up by other family.