How to become a surrogate mother?

Surrogate motherhood is giving a birth to a child according to the contract signed between a surrogate mother and potential parents whose cells were used for fertilization.

When considering a surrogate motherhood, you have to be aware of all future steps you will have to take.

First step. Preparation. Education. At the first stage you are not yet a surrogate mother, you just want to become her. But for this to happen, it is worth to put all your responsibility to study literature and materials on surrogate motherhood.

First of all, you have to decide for yourself whether you are absolutely sure you want to become a surrogate mother. After bearing a child for 9 months and after having given birth to a wonderful boy or a girl (or both), will you be able to give this small cute creature away to other people? Ask yourself, study the topic, and take your time if you feel doubts about any of these questions. This is a topic of life importance.

For some women it is not difficult to decide on such a responsible step. Those women who study the topic deeply and realize pros and cons of surrogacy for themselves, are usually more prepared to give the child away after childbirth.

Husband’s permission. Here most women face with certain difficulties. In general, women take their men as people from another planet and very often men and women think differently about the same topic. When discussing a possibility of becoming a surrogate, men often think that their wife is going to get pregnant in a traditional way, or that the future child will have a part of her genetic code, however, we know it’s not true. Although, it may be hard to persuade your family members in necessity of becoming a surrogate mother. Only husband’s permission is needed for future surrogate mothers.

Choosing a company. You will need a nice law company, to make sure that you are protected in any case. If you are completely confident about your health and mentally prepared, if you do not have bad habits and have at least one of your own children, you can start looking for a law firm with which you are going to cooperate (if you do not want to work with Genetic Parents directly, which is risky). Most of the agencies providing surrogate motherhood programs have their own law support. You need to be attentive, to pick a company with awesome reviews, and to make sure the law is by your side.

Who can become a surogate mother? Usually these are women between the ages of 20 and 35, who have at least one healthy child, which can be proven by medical and psychological examination. A woman who is healthy, has no bad habits and is ready to fulfill all the requirements and appointments of the company and the doctor.

What can be better than making someone truly happy? Why would you refuse doing it if you can become a surrogate mother? Nice reward is guaranteed! We wish you best of luck.